I have not received my order

My order has never been delivered

The Air shipping which takes 2 to 3 weeks, can sometimes be delayed by various things such as interruption of service or customs.

The parcel might still be in transit and if it cannot be delivered to you for some reason, it is shipped back to us by the local courrier company. They ship the parcel back using the same shipping method, which doubles the waiting time. Since there is no tracking we cannot accurately tell where the parcel is and we also cannot guarantee that the parcel will make it to you as stated in our terms (https://www.rise.ca/pages/terms). 

Can I get a refund?

The refund is not possible as long as the parcel has not reached our warehouse. The parcel will have to reach us in order for a full refund to be applied.

If the parcel reaches our office we will let you know by email on the same day, and we will inform you on the reason of its non delivery. We will then be able to ship it again.

Claim my parcel

If you are provided with a tracking link and it states that your order has arrived but it's not the case, please feel free to contact our Support Team support@rise.ca and claim your parcel, we will make sure to get your order delivered!