I have not received my order

Added delivery delay

When shipping out orders internationally there can sometimes be added delays to the shipping method selected. The delay provided by both our support team and the website upon purchase is always an estimated time that not only the courrier company provides but our own experience of seeing how long it usually takes for a parcel to reach our customers.

We suggest waiting an extra one or two weeks to see if the parcel reaches you, sometimes if an address is entered wrong at checkout the order is shipped back to us using the same shipping method, this might not be the case for your parcel which can also be in transit.

My order has never been delivered

If the address you entered is wrong, or if there is no apartment number or P.O box where to deliver your order, it will be shipped back to us.

If this is the case, you will be notified and asked to provide your correct address so we can proceed to the shipping of your order. 

You shouldn’t worry about receiving it, if something happened and they are not able to deliver the package properly, then they will ship it back to our office with the reason why they weren’t able to deliver it. Then we can take action considering the reason.

Claim my parcel

If you are provided with a tracking link and it states that your order has arrived but it's not the case, please feel free to contact our Support Team support@rise.ca and claim your parcel, we will make sure to get your order delivered!

Please note that we cannot refund an order which is still in transit.